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7 Movie Websites

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7 Movie Websites That Give You More Things To Talk About

The procession of movie websites is just as long as the queues that form for a summer release. As movie buffs we don’t mind, because they can give us a continuous supply of trivia which we otherwise would miss. I am an incurable movie buff who has a habit (let’s say obsession) of trying to uncover all the behind the scenes stuff that goes on. Perhaps, that’s why I write some of the film-related stuff here in frequent intervals. From cool movie trivia games to movie websites which help you catch movie goofs and bloopers, the web has satiated my appetite for onion-skinning movies in every way possible.

IMDb and Wikipedia remain my oracles for all movie trivia, but I can only take them so far to whet my gluttony. That’s why I always try to scour the web for tidbits. With the help of these movie websites, you don’t need to fall back on a web search, as they give you the scoops all prepared.

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